Internship and students

Internships – test out life at the centre of events

Every year we host interns from various professional fields. Send your application and describe who you are, in what field you are looking for an internship and how long your internship needs to be and we will contact you. At the moment we cannot offer international internships due to central collective agreement. Our wish is of course to be able to welcome international internships as soon as possible. We will update our website when new information is available.

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Degree projects – learn something new!

We are happy to host students writing their degree projects. But we are keen to ensure that your time is as useful as possible. We want to be there for you! So we only say yes if there is someone who can act as your supervisor and has the time to help you.

So, how do you take the next step? There are two ways to go. Either contact the departmental manager for the business area in which you are interested, or contact us here at HR.

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Say hello! And tell us who you are.

We take part in a variety of student events, job fairs and trade fairs every year. Plus the occasional vocational college, of course, so pop by and say hello!

We will be participating in the events below during 2019:

The list is updated every six months