Culture and values

Our values

Here with us you’ll be part of creating the most attractive meeting place in Europe. We work in a committed manner to exceed the expectations of our visitors. And that’s what our success rests on – along with a strong corporate culture. Our core values of commitment, collaboration and courage are the foundation of that culture. A culture that is open and positive, and where we focus on customer service and innovation.


Commitment means doing that little bit extra with passion and motivation. Creating and spreading joy. It’s about being proactive and finding solutions. But also taking responsibility for the business, yourself and others. Being involved and present with sensitivity and curiosity.


Collaboration is about jointly creating shared success and thinking about the big picture in all aspects. It’s about opening up, being welcoming and sharing. With informality, flexibility and trust we create trusting relationships and thus profitable business.


Courage means to dare. Thinking and trying something new, and daring to succeed. It’s about going outside your comfort zone to challenge yourself and others to develop. Courage means giving and welcoming constructive feedback. Saying no, saying yes, and saying thank you!

We believe in equal value of everyone

In our world, everyone is equal. It does not matter where you come from, what gender you are, what you believe in or how old you are. With us, everyone has the same excellent opportunities to succeed and achieve their best. Of course, we have an equal opportunities policy and a plan for equal rights and opportunities that we follow up every year. You can read what we have achieved in our sustainability report.

Make room for a better world

Like us, you no doubt think that sustainable development is important, and that a good meeting place should consider both people and the environment. Sustainable development has been a natural part of everything we do for many years now.

Experience something new

Take the opportunity to experience a meeting place like no other. Our world features great employees in a variety of professional fields. Everything from waitresses, housekeepers, project managers, marketing professionals and economists, to managers and business developers work for us.