Development and career

Focus your career with us

A lot starts with you. How do you want to develop? It is important to us that you are committed, take responsibility and have a desire to develop. That’s what we consider good employeeship. And every day we see how strong employeeship increases both employee performance and the customer satisfaction of our visitors. How you get there is something you will discuss with your manager, who will guide and coach you along the way.

We don’t believe you ever finish learning. There is always something to refine and do a little better. Of course, that applies just as much to our leaders. With us it is important that our leaders inspire, engage and develop their employees so that they reach their full potential. During our networking meetings you will meet colleagues from across the business and take part in workshops and courses in leadership. This will provide you with contacts that you can use in your everyday life and inspiration on how to become an even better leader. Our management philosophy is based on three elements: managing yourself, managing others and managing activities.

As mentioned, we offer a variety of job and development opportunities. There are many employees who started in one role and have moved on to another. Sometimes in a completely different profession!

What is your role in our team?

There are more than 200 professional roles at Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers. Which profession would you fit into?

  • Fairs and meetings (sales staff, business manager, project manager, coordinator, conference host)
  • Food and beverages (chef, dishwasher, serving staff, bartender)
  • Hotel (receptionist, guest service agent, housekeeper, florist)
  • Spa and wellness (spa therapist, spa host)
  • Warehousing and logistics (warehouse employees, transport manager, production planner)
  • Event production and technology (technician, stand builder, carpenter, painter)
  • Property and maintenance (property technician, caretakers, technical manager, project manager)
  • Sales and marketing (sales staff, brand manager, web coordinator, e-commerce manager, graphic artist)
  • IT (project manager, IT business partner, IT technician, IT business support)
  • Communication and HR (communications manager, HR business partner)
  • Finance and accounting (controller, accountant)
  • Purchasing (purchaser)
  • Revenue Management (revenue manager)
  • Safety (safety coordinator, safety technician)

Couldn’t find your role?

Then subscribe to jobs in your profession to keep an eye on the next opportunity that comes along.