It´s showtime!

Welcome to The Theatre.

The Theatre is … rather more than a theatre!

The Theatre is neither a theatre nor a restaurant. It’s rather more. Much more. The closest you’ll come to The Theatre is probably far away on the other side of the Atlantic – on a neon-lit strip in the desert. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you walk through the door. The surroundings are planned down to the last detail. Everything is in perfect harmony: from food specially chosen for the occasion, to the beautiful interior and the on-stage props and entertainment. The air vibrates. With excitement. Anticipation. Everything is possible.
At The Theatre you can decide just how spectacular your evening will be. You can enjoy a 3-course menu in our most exclusive seats, or you can linger over a glass of wine and watch the show from one of our bars. Or you can sit back in the gallery and marvel at the majesty and excitement of the show.
Whatever you choose, we can guarantee you a professional reception of the highest international class, and many unforgettable memories. Some say it is Europe’s most thrilling show arena for all the senses. We say, short and sweet, The Theatre. Welcome.

Don’t miss the next spectacle!

We attract the best artists and performances that the world of entertainment has to offer. Inspired by Las Vegas, Singapore, New York, London and Paris. At The Theatre, you get a multi-coloured experience appealing to all the senses.

Let’s whet your appetite

Along with the artistry, good food is the most important ingredient for your delectation at The Theatre. Gothia Towers has several awarded chefs that creates menus that is perfectly adapted to the show, the theme and the atmosphere – with flavours that go way beyond the usual.

A place in the spotlight with the big names

Since opening in 2014, The Theatre has hosted Danny, Jill Johnsson, Joe Labero, Peter Jöback and the musicals Flashdance – The Musical and Jersey Boys. And of course, we are planning even more star-studded shows.

Jill JOhnson

Joe Labero

Peter Jöback

Flashdance – The Musical

Jersey Boys