Vibrant and dynamic meetings

Meeting places that transform industries.

Meeting places that transform industries.

Find the right event and more high-spending customers

Our trade fair concepts are created and developed through careful research of various industries, markets, and lifestyle areas. We gather all the information we can to create the strongest and most sustainable concept possible.

This also means that we have insights and advice that we are happy to share. We provide detailed visitor profiles where you can see the visitors’ industry affiliations, geographic distribution, professional roles, and more, so you know who you will reach. You also receive information about what motivates and interests the different target groups.

The power of face-to-face

  • The people you really want to meet come directly to you
  • You can create new contacts and relationships
  • You will deepen your current relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners
  • There’s plenty of time to answer specific questions, offering solutions to specific business challenges
  • It all takes place in an atmosphere and setting that inspires and motivates with thrilling and thought-provoking content
  • Physical presence at a prestige event builds your reputation in your sector or within your community
  • It’s a lead-development machine that extends your customer database
  • It provides the opportunity to close sales on the spot

An expo without unpleasant surprises.

We can provide everything you need to build an interesting and eye-catching booth in the simplest and most efficient way. Our booth service takes care of everything from carpets to catering, and can also assist with transportation, construction assistance, and cleaning. But above all, you can receive valuable advice from our specialists to achieve the best possible results on the trade show floor.

Extend your visibility and market reputation

Exhibiting at a live event presents golden opportunities to arrange meetings with customers and business partners. "Golden" because the atmosphere is unique, personal and inspiring. Which is the key to maximising business development.