Welcome to our meeting place!

Since August 2021 we have been a Covid-19 certified facility. Certification is carried out by the Safe Asset Group in accordance with an international seal of quality developed to certify many trade fair facilities and shopping centres around Europe. 

Naturally, we follow the authorities’ recommendations and regulations concerning Covid-19. We also follow the Swedish tourist industry’s ‘Safe to visit’ guidelines.
We’ve implemented measures to ensure your safety as a visitor and customer at our hotels, spa and restaurants and in our meeting and conference rooms.

On September 29, the amount of people being able to participate in public gatherings and events is expected to be removed, as well as the maximum number of people at private gatherings. Restrictions for restaurants will also be removed. We plan to carry out future events from this date without restrictions, but of course in accordance with the given conditions that apply at the time.

The health and safety of our visitors and employees is always our highest priority and we continuously adapt our meeting place to current needs. We also encourage all our visitors to continue to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety and well-being.

Help us keep our venues safe for everyone:

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Regularly wash your hands and use hand sanitiser.
  • Keep a safe distance and respect social distance markers.
  • Do not stand at a table or the bar when eating or drinking.
  • Sneeze into your inner elbow.
  • Do not shake hands.

Safe distance

We’ve made it easy for you to keep your distance as a guest and visitor at our venue. You will find social distance floor markers in the lobby, lifts, conference spaces, spa and restaurants. Clear signs encourage all visitors to be considerate; our staff can be of assistance should someone need a reminder. 

Safe routines

Doing the right thing should be easy. That is why you’ll find hand sanitiser and clear signs reminding everyone of the importance of proper hand hygiene at all entrances, reception desks, dining areas and conference rooms. We have fine-tuned our cleaning routines, paying extra attention to high-risk areas such as reception desks, dining areas, banisters, lift buttons and lavatories.

Safe dining

We serve food and drinks in safe surroundings that seat fewer guests and ensure greater distances between parties. We apply the same guidelines to our catering service and have adjusted our menu to increase safety. Food and drinks are only served to seated guests.

Safe meetings, conferences and exhibitions

We follow the current guidelines on larger gatherings to ensure the meetings and conferences we organise are safe. Our knowledge and size guarantee your safety during meetings. All furniture is arranged in accordance with current regulations.

We are Covid-19-certified

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre has undergone a certification process to safeguard the quality of their infection control routines and has been approved as “Covid-19-compliant”. The assessment aspects include everything from management systems, risk analyses, signage and access to hand-sanitising stations, to training and safety routines.


Communication to employees and visitors is key in offering a safe meeting place.


* We train our staff on an ongoing basis to clarify guidelines and routines.

* We inform our guests about guidelines and routines in Swedish and English.

* We always have medical staff on site.

You are in safe hands at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers. We have set a high priority on security for many years, so that we can effectively ensure the right level of security at the right time. We have qualified security personnel and well-functioning routines and processes to handle different events. As a visitor, you are safe with us.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers is Covid-19 certified by the Safe Asset Group in accordance with an international seal of quality developed to certify trade fair facilities and shopping centres.

Gothia Towers is certified according to the Safe Hotels Premium Level and Well Fire-Protected Hotel. Both certifications set high demands on skills, training and technical protection.