The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre received the Covid-19-certificate in August 2021 according to an international certification process developed by the Safe Asset Group. The certification was carried out collaboratively with Sweden’s other large fair organisers -Stockholmsmässan, Elmia, Easyfairs and Nolia. The certificate means that the facilities’ preparations and routines for Covid-19 have been approved by the standard “Covid-19-compliant”.

The certification covers the following assessment aspects:

Management System: Organisation, roles, responsibilities, policy, guidelines for safety and legal requirements, self-assessment and compliance.

Risk Assessment: Risk analysis of events and measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, social distancing, cleaning and specific risk areas.

Exhibitor Safety: Routines for exhibitors regarding hygiene, social distancing, guidelines and compliance.

Supplier Safety: Routines for suppliers regarding hygiene, social distancing, guidelines and compliance.

Cleaning and Hygiene: Risk areas linked to cleaning, cleaning schedules and routines, training of staff and information, protective equipment, cleaning routines for restaurants, visitor areas, toilets and compliance with these rules.

Visitor Safety: Routines and plans for visitors regarding registration, information before, during and after a visit, signage, social distancing, information, hand sanitising, routines for entrances, visitor guides, communication and general security measures during visits.

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